Our first blog!

    Whats up everyone! Westy here! it is 1 in the morning and me and grizz just made a few changes to the site, so I wanted to throw a short blog up to just sort of get a few of my thoughts out, all while ignoring all grammatical ideology!...I am so proud of what we've accomplished so far as a band...but damn has it been a lengthy ordeal getting the ball rolling! I feel like Frodo in Lord of The Rings! haha started out ready for adventure and now beat down and wore out =P...ahhh I'm just kidding! but seriously tho from leaving the metal scene to jumping into country was such a difficult transition. often wondered if I was going to be able to even adapt to this style of music and guitar....Ive never been a real fan of country but I said screw it! and took the plunge.

            After recording Rituals however I knew id made the right choice....i LOVE this music! i LOVE what we have done so far!!!! this album is THE BEST music I have ever created! funny how life tells you whats really going on huh? lol oh you wanna be mr metal? BOOM you're now in a country band! muwhaha! so much for control of your own destiny! bleh, stay on track weston....but as I was saying, i look at the site and I just see this window...and through it all of my dreams are right on the other side, this music has SO much potential...and our fans are SO supportive of us, we are blessed for sure. Im so anxious for the EP to come out! i hope everyone enjoys it, my goal is that when they push play they can close their eyes and imagine each song like its a story about THEM! I would love for this to be the soundtrack to someones life, and that it truly sparks emotion....like in the old days before Facebook and even the internet, people would obsess over music, take whatever feelings or hard times they were going through and just hide away in their room, lock the door and escape through music...get lost in every album as it pertains to their current situation and forget all about everything that may be wrong at the time.

       but yeah, who knows....maybe this will be the album that takes everybody back! even if it doesn't get the credit I feel it deserves..im still honored to be apart of this with my brothers. I love these dudes and I couldn't at all do it without them...sometimes