The album is finally out!!!

ERRR MER GERD!!! I cant believe how happy I am to say that the album is out into the world! This has been a labor of love to say the least, but we did it! we stuck it out, we kept our nose to the grindstone and now we get to share our art with the world, and so far the ghosts have spoken! and Y'ALL LOVE IT! we have been blessed with overwhelmingly positive feedback and we have been shown SO much love towards the record. I've came close to getting teary eyed several times reading the tweets we've been tagged it and the msgs/snaps we've received. I promise everyone it never gets old to hear or see you guys listening to it and enjoying it. we want our music to be the soundtrack to your lives, and we have shows booked! and more on the way! so we will be able to get to know all of you! our ghosts are family and we cant wait for the reunions! we love you all, we cherish you all and please share the album with your friends and loved ones, were all in this together and we CANNOT do this without all of you! stay baptized in peyote, keep walking that floor into your better place. 


Its the final countdown!

na na na na, da na na na na "admit it you sang that"...WE ARE DAYS AWAY FROM RELEASING THE EP!! dude, I am SO stoked!!! in all the years of me being a musician this will be the first album ive ever put out! and on top of that, we have our first two shows booked!  im so full of anxiety and butterflies for our first gig in country. I can metal allll day. but this is a new world for me. weve been tirelessly rehearsing and preparing for the gigs. im ready, but im just nervous for what potentially lies ahead. BUT every great adventure begins with uncomfortable situations, and I think we strive in that zone. But on a side note I am excited to be able to hop around and be westy again! its been over a year since ive been on the stage. im alive up there and its been too long since ive "came home" so to speak.

The few choice people and club owners who have heard the EP have all lost their shit over it. Theres no denying that it has a lifeforce and atmosphere. I just hope the world receives it and it sticks. and if not? well then we will just push forward to the next one, because failure isnt an option for me. we are setting up the makings of something one of a kind, and we may not have it all figured out at first but by god were gonna fake it till we make it and were gonna push forward till we reach the promised land! I truly believe that we have lightning in a bottle, and in a few short days were gonna pull the cork and set it free!

ramblin and an update on the ep

So we are days away from getting the tracks mastered! which means we are days away from releasing the album!!!! damn i cant believe the day is almost here....i mean were almost at a YEAR! that we started this crazy venture! I know its hard not to post blogs and not get repetitive...but its just the hot topic in life right now. I wonder what everyone's reaction is gonna be the first time they hear the music. will it be meh...thats cool, or will it be emotionally stirring?? I want our music to resonate with people personally. with all of our hopes and aspirations going into this EP it makes me wonder whats in store for us? we def have the tenacity and the drive but theres still so many variables that we cant control. i guess all we can do is wait, even tho waiting is the most brutal thing ever! its like counting down the days to christmas morning! 


time will tell! because release day is coming! even if it seems like its takin forever!!! BIG THINGS ARE COMING GUYS!!

Our first blog!

    Whats up everyone! Westy here! it is 1 in the morning and me and grizz just made a few changes to the site, so I wanted to throw a short blog up to just sort of get a few of my thoughts out, all while ignoring all grammatical ideology!...I am so proud of what we've accomplished so far as a band...but damn has it been a lengthy ordeal getting the ball rolling! I feel like Frodo in Lord of The Rings! haha started out ready for adventure and now beat down and wore out =P...ahhh I'm just kidding! but seriously tho from leaving the metal scene to jumping into country was such a difficult transition. often wondered if I was going to be able to even adapt to this style of music and guitar....Ive never been a real fan of country but I said screw it! and took the plunge.

            After recording Rituals however I knew id made the right choice....i LOVE this music! i LOVE what we have done so far!!!! this album is THE BEST music I have ever created! funny how life tells you whats really going on huh? lol oh you wanna be mr metal? BOOM you're now in a country band! muwhaha! so much for control of your own destiny! bleh, stay on track weston....but as I was saying, i look at the site and I just see this window...and through it all of my dreams are right on the other side, this music has SO much potential...and our fans are SO supportive of us, we are blessed for sure. Im so anxious for the EP to come out! i hope everyone enjoys it, my goal is that when they push play they can close their eyes and imagine each song like its a story about THEM! I would love for this to be the soundtrack to someones life, and that it truly sparks emotion....like in the old days before Facebook and even the internet, people would obsess over music, take whatever feelings or hard times they were going through and just hide away in their room, lock the door and escape through music...get lost in every album as it pertains to their current situation and forget all about everything that may be wrong at the time.

       but yeah, who knows....maybe this will be the album that takes everybody back! even if it doesn't get the credit I feel it deserves..im still honored to be apart of this with my brothers. I love these dudes and I couldn't at all do it without them...sometimes