ramblin and an update on the ep

So we are days away from getting the tracks mastered! which means we are days away from releasing the album!!!! damn i cant believe the day is almost here....i mean were almost at a YEAR! that we started this crazy venture! I know its hard not to post blogs and not get repetitive...but its just the hot topic in life right now. I wonder what everyone's reaction is gonna be the first time they hear the music. will it be meh...thats cool, or will it be emotionally stirring?? I want our music to resonate with people personally. with all of our hopes and aspirations going into this EP it makes me wonder whats in store for us? we def have the tenacity and the drive but theres still so many variables that we cant control. i guess all we can do is wait, even tho waiting is the most brutal thing ever! its like counting down the days to christmas morning! 


time will tell! because release day is coming! even if it seems like its takin forever!!! BIG THINGS ARE COMING GUYS!!