HI :-)

Hey guys, Chris here! Just wanted to drop by and say hey! The idea of blogging has me in sort of a tailspin if I am being quite honest. More importantly, the idea that anyone would want to read anything that spilled from my tiny mind is daunting to say the least. But hey, I’ll roll with it. Anyways, for anyone who doesn’t know me, I have been a lover of all things drums for roughly 25 years. I find absolute joy in not only playing the drums in GDB, but practicing the instrument daily in my free time. Drumming is my therapy. It is the one trusted constant in my life and has always inspired me to push beyond my comfort zone. Drumming has my heart and will forever exist in my daily life. Which brings me to my point. I have never achieved great success as a musician, nor does that drive me. I don’t participate in a community of musicians for fame or attention. I just play. I play because it soothes my soul and refocuses my mind. I would encourage you to find that for yourself. Whatever it is! Instruments, video games, wood working, reading. Carve out a small portion of your day for yourself and refocus your mental directives. Its tough, I know… but its worth it. Get inspired! 

See you guys soon,

Christopher S.

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FYI: I am available for drum lessons and studio work.