The album is finally out!!!

ERRR MER GERD!!! I cant believe how happy I am to say that the album is out into the world! This has been a labor of love to say the least, but we did it! we stuck it out, we kept our nose to the grindstone and now we get to share our art with the world, and so far the ghosts have spoken! and Y'ALL LOVE IT! we have been blessed with overwhelmingly positive feedback and we have been shown SO much love towards the record. I've came close to getting teary eyed several times reading the tweets we've been tagged it and the msgs/snaps we've received. I promise everyone it never gets old to hear or see you guys listening to it and enjoying it. we want our music to be the soundtrack to your lives, and we have shows booked! and more on the way! so we will be able to get to know all of you! our ghosts are family and we cant wait for the reunions! we love you all, we cherish you all and please share the album with your friends and loved ones, were all in this together and we CANNOT do this without all of you! stay baptized in peyote, keep walking that floor into your better place.